The keyring exhibition is an ongoing interactive, inclusive installation. It deals with personal expression and common connections. The installation consists of a neutral space filled with written key rings. Participants are encouraged to 'please take one', in exchange they can 'please make one', being asked to write a thought that they have throughout the day, which they wouldn't normally say out loud.

We all live in such close proximity yet we can still feel very isolated and alone. We often feel that others do not share our insecurities. This isolation is due to social barriers of communication, rather than physical ones. The exhibition invites an exchange of private thoughts in a public realm. The keyring itself functions as a conduit detaching participants from prescribed social interaction but allowing them to relate to other peoples' private feelings.

The fundamental aim of the exhibition is to encourage connections to be made between real people and their real lives, both within the exhibition space and, once taken, in the wider world.